Studying Zero Balancing

The many reasons to take your first Zero Balancing course include:

  • getting a fresh perspective;
  • becoming more present in your service;
  • addressing your own health concerns; and/or
  • learning how to work with energy in a grounded way.

An energy specialist (acupuncturist, Reiki practitioner) will learn how to engage skeletal structure.

A physical specialist (massage therapist, physical therapist, chiropractor) will learn how to engage energy.

All will learn how to simultaneously engage structure and energy to balance and clarify the body, mind and spirit.

Zero Balancing is efficient, easy on the body of both the client and the practitioner, and addresses patterns that may underlie persistent symptoms.

Because Zero Balancing can be practiced by itself or in concert with many other modalities, you can both explore a new modality and learn how to improve what you are already doing.

A life that includes ZB classes, ZB colleagues and receiving Zero Balancing is filled with benefits that touch both personal and professional life goals. Becoming a Certified ZB Practitioner is a springboard for ongoing refinement of skills and internalization of ZB principles that apply beyond the treatment room.

I have taken dozens of Zero Balancing classes and each has blessed my professional practice, my personal life and my creative edge in deep and satisfying ways.

For more information visit: Zero Balancing Health Association

Classes in Zero Balancing

Zero Balancing classes are a whole-body-mind adventure that combine fascinating and accessible information with hands-on practice. Students feel touched by the work as both a recipient and as a practitioner.  Principles taught in ZB classes may be applied to other forms of bodywork, to relationships, and to business practices. ZB study guides provide instruction and guidelines for safe practice.

Zero Balancing courses are designed for the health care professional yet are open to people entering a healing profession who have some relevant experience and study.  The Core Zero Balancing Program taught in two segments (ZB I  and ZB II) provides a solid foundation for performing Zero Balancing. Students who take both courses separated by just a few months get the most benefit from this training.

ZB Events with Lisa:

Core ZB Advancing Skills Day & NE ZB Conference, July 26, 2021 with Ty Romijn at InBody Movement and Healing Arts. For information see listing on ZBHA website or contact Lisa.

Lisa teaches the following Zero Balancing Classes:

  • Core Zero Balancing (ZB 1 and ZB 2)
  • Alchemy of Touch
  • Freely Moveable Joints
  • Geometry of Healing
  • ZB Expanded: Addressing the Skull
  • ZB Expanded: Addressing the Viscera
  • One-Day Advancing Skills Days for alumni
  • One-Day Introduction to Zero Balancing
  • Mentor Advancement Program for Certified ZB Practitioners

Contact Lisa to host any of these classes and to find out more information about their focus and content.

Tutorials and Mentoring

Lisa is available for private and group tutorials for students of Zero Balancing and can be a mentor for people going through the Zero Balancing Certification Program of the ZBHA. Current fees for tutorials are:

  • Touch Feedback Tutorial, 60 min., $100
  • Tutorial with a ZB from Lisa, 75 min., $125

Introductory Presentations About ZB

Contact Lisa to set up an introductory presentation

Read Lisa’s article, Thriving at Interface from Massage Magazine about the skill of interface touch — a hallmark of Zero Balancing.

“Lisa knows ZB inside out and can break it down easily for the beginner.”  Ann S.

“Lisa was able to convey not just with words but with her ability to embody the work. Her presence taught.” –Lisa H.

“Lisa’s examples are very in-the-moment and she brings humor and fun to the learning.”  Chrissy O.