Healing Arts


This ancient, highly developed and refined system of healing

  • improves function within the body, mind/emotions, and spirit
  • regulates and balances the flow of energy throughout the body
  • induces relaxation, pain reduction, and clarity

At Deerfield Healing Arts, acupuncture includes but is not limited to the shallow insertion of sterile, high quality, very thin, single use, disposable acupuncture needles. Following evaluation that includes gentle palpation of acupuncture pulses and points, Lisa stimulates acupuncture points with a combination of needles, acupressure and moxibustion.

Lisa has successfully treated many adults and children who can not tolerate needling and has a smoke and scent-free treatment room for people with environmental sensitivities.

Zero Balancing

Zero Balancing promotes experiences of relaxation and well-being through gentle, noninvasive lifting, stretching and engaging contacts performed with clothes on.  Like acupuncture, Zero Balancing (ZB) addresses energetic patterns, but focuses on bones and ligaments thereby addressing the deepest currents of body energy.  As our skeleton is our most enduring tissue, ZB helps us to meet, live from, and heal the most enduring aspects of ourselves. 

Allergy Healing

Lisa’s most distinct specialty is healing allergies and sensitivities. She uses a variety of energy therapies to focus treatment sessions on these symptoms and the energetic patterns underlying them. The ultimate goal of these treatments is to become free (forever) of allergies. Lisa has healed herself of all allergies including severe food allergies and has helped many people do the same.

Beyond Needles

Lisa assesses her patient’s energy patterns and chooses treatment tools that will be most effective in each session.

These tools include:

  • gentle finger pressure,
  • contact with tuning forks,
  • moxa-heat either with cones on acupuncture points or indirectly with a moxa cigar,
  • high-quality essential oils on acupuncture points,
  • crystals placed on the body, and
  • a far-infrared heat lamp.

Lisa also guides clients using a self-healing body-mind practice called Tapas Acupressure Technique. Characteristic of all of these treatment methods are experiences of deep relaxation, peacefulness and an improvement in mood and physical comfort.


Figuring out how to care for one’s health can be terribly complex, confusing and overwhelming. Lisa provides input regarding various lifestyle options such as exercise, diet and supplements using her kinesthetic and intuitive skills. At times she can hear suggestions from the patient’s body-mind and/or from guides. These recommendations tend to be quite simple, practical, safe and congruent with the lifestyle and spiritual beliefs of her clients.

Lisa also provides information and guidance to some of her clients during periods of personal growth, upheaval, change and loss.

Lisa’s open mind and unbiased inquiries help her clients better connect with themselves and their inner knowing.

Lisa brings a grounded intuition to my treatments that I trust. Her treatments have enabled me to move through a variety of physical and emotional challenges made possible by her humor, compassion, grace, wisdom and knowledge.     —Rachel R.

 “Lisa has been treating me for 10 years and is a wonderful practitioner and person. Her thoughtful and calming treatment has kept me in good health, both physically and mentally, and minimized my few joint ailments.”  –Doug A.

“Lisa’s work has helped me enjoy greater overall health and appreciate the connection between mind and body. I do not suffer from allergy symptoms as I used to. I feel stronger, wiser, and more creative. I’ve learned to take a more active role, daily, in my wellbeing. I’ve recommended Lisa’s treatments to many friends and relatives.”  — Paula L.