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 Lisa J. Berger is a licensed acupuncturist and certified Zero Balancing practitioner and teacher. In practice since 1995, she offers highly effective treatments using energy-based body-mind therapies for adults and children at Deerfield Healing Arts in South Deerfield, Massachusetts. Read more about Lisa's healing arts and treatments.

As a member of the Zero Balancing Faculty since 2004, Lisa offers introductory presentations about ZB, mentors students of ZB, and teaches several ZB courses for health care students and professionals. Let Lisa know if you are interested in attending and/or hosting a ZB course.

At InBody Movement and Healing Arts, in the Tibetan Plaza in South Deerfield, MA, Lisa teaches Zero Balancing, hosts study groups, and rents the space to other teachers and healing arts practitioners. Contact Lisa for information.

Lisa offers Zero Balancing sessions at InBody in a clinic setting. Upcoming One-to-Two Zero Balancing Clinics will be held on:

  • Thursday, October 4
  • Thursday, October 18
  • Thursday, November 8
  • Monday, November 26

Sliding scale $35-$25 and are by appointment. Download poster with more information.

Visit the InBody website. InBody is also on Facebook.

  Deerfield Healing Arts • 194 N. Main St. • South Deerfield, MA  01373 • 413-397-9800


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